Friday, December 2, 2011

DARYL - Sea of pain (cover) Levellers 30-11-11

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Predictions-Solar-Space-Ocean-Weather needs squidoo likes and giant squid votes - linda randall

I also need some squidooers to vote for this lens and giant squid likes for it as well, thanks!

let me know if i can do the same for yours ;)

send me a message on youtube or twitter to vote for yours...

or twitter

Squidoo- I need Likes and Giant Squids Votes on this lenspredictions-disasters-storms

I couldn't figure out why my squidoo lens wasn't at 100% and then i went to the "progress" so far and saw that no one's voted or liked it from squidoo or giant squid land.

So i'm asking if you can vote for it and if not, tell me what i should be putting on here.

i keep track of my psychic severe global weather predictions on there and note which one's come true...

Wagon Cookin' - Kahua Music - Free House Music

so another year of nanowrimo writing novels has ended... for some and most for others..

it's been a blast writing a new novel. busy editing it this month and next.

i'm going to get this one in shape then back track to the first novel I wrote for the Grammy/Lilywind Children's book series ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011


metal rock international music for our nanowrimo writers this week.. blogging the different videos submitted into my idea girl consulting youtube channel ;)

funny when i ask people to send it to my new one the idea girl says youtube i don't get much of a response lol