Friday, February 25, 2011

Lindsay Ell - It's Not Just Me

canadian music week artist 2011

Trivium - The Storm

666cristiana666 | Nov 24, 2008 | likes, 8 dislikes

"Out from the darkness my future is here
A frigid cold grips my veins
Foretold through ages beckoning fear
My nightmares finally here

Time has now come look to the sun
A grand failure
The sky crumbles heaven follows
The end is here

Out from the endless hell frozen forest
I hear the ear piercing screams
Grey empty skies fill with black cancer
The beasts are coming for me

As I stand paralyzed consumed frozen by my fear
Sun falls reignite the end
The end

Now that it's over done with and gone
I reach cursing the sun
Blood thirsty warlords take to the sky
Icy plains graves here I die

As the pain rises up again
I question even being human
Absurd evil seared into mine eyes
Its here I forever die

I love this song, reminds me a very special person^^

Nothing Left To Prove

davidblairmusic | Sep 16, 2009 | likes, 1 dislikes

It was a beautiful day on Tues Sept 15th in Vancouver - mild and sunny and I happened to drive downtown to meet with my director about another shoot I was doing. On my way there, I decided to film part of the drive to Nothing Left To Prove. I came home and edited it the same night! The last bit is on the Burrard St Bridge - my personal favourite bridge in Vancouver after the Lions Gate...